Access & Transport 


Your concerns were:



What we found out (so far)



Options for action


Easy going, circular walks from the village which meet ‘Access for All’ standards


The Disability Discrimination Act 2000 is beginning to have an impact on access issues


Through Dorset CC Countryside Team help and resources are available to assist the Parish Council improve access to outdoor recreation, especially linked to providing ‘healthy’ walks



Parish to identify landowners and negotiate replacing stiles with gates then Dorset CC Countryside Team happy to install gates for free








Identify a popular route around the village and perhaps a second route linking village to beach and look to improve the access along these routes.


Identify where self closing pedestrian gates could replace step over wooden stiles.


It is important to retain the distinctive stone stiles and for access improvements to work around this need


New gates can be metal or wood?


Wood used in gates and signs should be locally sourced?



Your concerns were:



What we found out (so far)



Options for action


Improvements to the Parish Rights of Way network














Dorset CC countryside Team can help resource one off and ongoing improvements to Rights of Way


The SW Coast Path is a National Trail and additional resources are available to improve and enhance the path corridor


Cliff falls and path erosion will continue to affect the Coast Path



Parish Council will need to work with the National Trust and the SW Coast Path Team to secure the best long term future  and management of the Coast Path



Parish Council to identify on an annual basis, Public Rights of Way improvements and submit a bid for resources to Dorset CC Countryside Team in September each year.


Parish to employ a contractor to undertake clearance work at the beginning and middle of the summer. DCC Countryside Team to be approached to cover the costs of works carried out.


Improve SW coast path by creating a wider access corridor, accommodating path retreat from the cliff and managing land alongside path for biodiversity


Seek a diversion order for the footpath that goes through Cogden Farm to better connect with NT at Cogden


Your concerns were:



What we found out (so far)



Options for action


Path signage improvements


Dorset CC basic signs for Rights Of Way will be plastic discs,


If the Parish wants the higher quality oak finger posts it will help if the Parish can find a financial contribution.


Sign improvements should be part of the Parish Public Rights Of Way Improvement Plan.



Parish Council to Propose that Oak finger posts be used as standard for Rights of Way signage in the Parish.


Parish Council to encourage use of standard signage to be adopted by various agencies for signing routes in and around the village.




Your concerns were:



What we found out (so far)



Options for action


A safe cycling route from Burton to Bridport


Engineering works on the Main road to provide a dedicated cycling lane would be expensive and would need to compete for funding under the Local Transport Plan.


Negotiating up grading of the current footpath across Freshwater and the Golf Course to serve as a multi purpose route linking the village with the old railway cycle path from West Bay to Bridport. Again prohibitively expensive (cycle path can cost £50k per km) and would need to compete with other schemes for finance


Minor improvements, self closing bridle gates to the North Hill Bridlepath could be financed through the Parish Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan





No further action for Parish Plan





No further action for Parish Plan



Open discussions with Freshwater Holiday Park about improving cycling provision between the Park and the village



Include improvements to the North Hill Bridlepath in Rights of Way Improvement bid


Your concerns were:


What we found out (so far)



Options for action


Increased/ improved community transport opportunities


Axe Valley and West Dorset ring & ride Service serves BB on Weds contact: 01404 46529


DCC “call, book and ride” service no 73 extends to Bride Valley Weds 0845 602 4547


DCC social care and health – provides transport to Day Care Centres, after assessment 01308 422234


Hospital cars 01202 897777


West Dorset Area Transport Action Group (WATAG) meets in Bridport to seek sustainable solutions to transport issues, i.e Bridport Hopper Ring & Ride



Improve information available to residents on community transport opportunities


No further action – Happy with current public transport availability


More action to reduce need to travel (by car) by increasing awareness and emphasis on community based ‘demand responsive’ transport solutions



Investigate setting up and running a ‘Car share’ scheme for residents whose journey to work takes them to Bridport/ Dorchester/ Weymouth on a regular basis.