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Some photos from the Allotments Society Barbecue that took place in David Barnikel's back garden on 23rd July 2011 when a good time was had by all.


There are 36 allotments in Burton Bradstock, situated in Southover, and the Society exists for allotment holders.   The Society was formed on 10th April 2005 following a petition to the Parish Council regarding its forthcoming increase in rents.  Mike Southgate, the Parish Council Chairman at the time, suggested starting a society.   Most allotment holders objected to a further increase, Daphne Ekins and Peter Colbert called a meeting, and a new Allotments Society was created.   It was felt this would not only create a pressure group but would also unite allotment holders so that they could meet together, share ideas and encourage each other.   There had not been such a group since the Greenfingers Club many years ago (see History section).

Peter Colbert had drawn up some rules that could be used and a committee was elected.  David Barnikel agreed to become Chairman with Margaret Tebbs as Secretary/Treasurer and they are still in post at the time of writing.   Maureen Miller is a committee member.  The allotments representative on the Parish Council is Pete Toms. 

It was agreed the Society should be ‘low key’ and informal and it has remained so.   The members meet together twice a year, in April and November, in David’s cosy upstairs room.   The minimum of business is discussed and then the more important part of the evening takes place – partaking of wine, nibbles, and chatting!

Since then the Society has also become affiliated to Bridport and District Allotments Society.

Also, the Burton Bradstock Village Society now includes a class for Best Kept Allotment at its Flower and Produce Show in July each year.

Our village school has recently taken on one of the allotments and it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

The Society arranges a yearly supply of manure from Andrew Bailey of Graston Farm. 

The allotment is a great place to wander to on a bright Burton Bradstock day and to find a little bit of fresh air, a little bit of peace, a little bit of therapy – and, now and then, a little bit of one’s own produce!!

always on duty

Daphne Ekins
November 2009