Future plans (as at October 2000)

After the very successful production of "CINDERELLA" last February, some members of the Society decided to stand down from further active participation in the Group's productions; either temporarily or permanently. Amongst this group are several who have been very heavily involved in the work of putting on the shows. These include Anne Southgate, for many years the Musical Director, John Surry, who has invariably introduced some topicality into the scripts as well as taking leading roles, Andrea Wilkinson, who needs a rest from the arduous duties of wardrobe mistress for a year or so and John Tillman who as Chairman and then Treasurer has been vital to the administration.

With this expertise no longer available and the overall reduction in the strength of the Society, it was very evident that unless there were newcomers with some of the skills required, the Players would be unable to put on a pantomine. During the summer we have been unable to recruit the necessary talent and much to the disappointment of the rest of the Society and the full house audiences who have given such support in years past, we have decided not to stage a production this winter. However with several newcomers to the village expressing interest in joining the Players we are hopeful that next year, we'll get back up to strength in the Players and be presenting a panto early in 2002.

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