We all went fishing on  11th April when Bonny Sartin gave us a talk about the Dorset link with fishing off  the Banks of  Newfoundland.

The land was supposed to have been discovered by  John Cabot of Bristol in 1497 but there remains some doubt about this. Huge reserves of fish - mainly Cod ,were found there and many fishermen from Poole went to harvest it , so much so that the land was eventually claimed for England.

Conditions at sea for the Poole fishermen were grim- it was always foggy, there was rotten meat, bad bread, and weevils in the biscuits, with 15/20 hours of fishing a day in small boats for seven months of the year. When the fishermen were finally coming home, they were press ganged by the navy sometimes even  before they reached the shores of England. They were also, often waylaid by pirates.

As the various wars came to an end, demand for Cod started to decline and the Dorset people fell on hard times with many  going over to  Newfoundland to live where they carried on fishing in what was now their own back yard.

Bonny Sartin is a member of the Yetties folk group and during his talk he entertained us with many folk songs that  the fishermen and their ilk sang. So overall a very interesting evening with some music thrown in!


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