Your concerns were:



What we know (so far?)




Access to training and employment


DART – Dorset Action for Rural Transport are addressing such issues


Contact DART and lobby for action


Use Burton Bradstock Online Website to display a noticeboard for car-share scheme



Brown signage


Responsibility of Dorset County Council and the Highways Agency



Audit of signage to be done as part of Parish Plan – links with Environment theme work on signage


Shortage of parking for local business premises


Pub car park runs out of space sometimes when used by non-customers. 



Use Planning Gain to ensure parking is incorporated in new developments


When plans are passed for new building need to provide adequate parking



Grants for Further Ed and Travelling


Responsibility of Central Government and Dorset County Council




Lobby Dorset County Council


Your concerns were:



What we know (so far?)




Business support


Provision offered to businesses in the area by Wessex Business Link


Contact Business Link for planned courses.  Individual businesses can speak to Business Link advisors regarding any subject not in forthcoming programme



Community Training Facility


Government is not supporting new centres – need public money to survive.


Run courses at full-cost to cover expenses of room hire, tutor costs and course materials


Investigate outside hours use of school (e.g. evenings and weekends)



Your concerns were:



What we know (so far?)




Sustaining employment and business prosperity


Some key village facilities cannot survive without summer tourist season e.g. Post Office and Shop


South West Tourism have set out a sustainable future for tourism in their publication – Toward 2015


Greening tourism business and driving up the ‘quality of tourism experience’ are key objectives of SW Tourism





Businesses can work together to produce a Burton Bradstock Information leaflet


Combine promotion of parish businesses with Dorset Local Food activities


Find a suitable venue in the Parish for local produce to be sold on a regular basis


Put a webcam on Hive Beach (image to be updated at least once an hour)


Identify suitable small industrial units for small businesses


Promote low impact ways of enjoying the natural environment e.g. wildlife trails, geology trails


Improve visitor facilities e.g. cold water shower at beach, decorate toilets