Burton Bradstock Parish Plan Steering Group


Notes from access meeting


Issue from consultation

Option for action


Easy going, circular walks from the village which meet 'Access for All' standards

1)  Use Parish Plan consultation in October to identify a popular route around the village and perhaps a second route linking village to beach.

2)  Through Parish Council identify where self closing pedestrian gates could replace step over wooden stiles. Also to identify any path surface improvements that are required.

3)  It is important to retain the distinctive stone stiles and for access improvements to work around this need.

4)  Bid to Dorset CC Countryside Team for help with gates and path improvements. It might be appropriate for the Parish Council to submit a bid for financial support from the Dorset AONB sustainable development fund to help purchase gates. DCC Countryside Team happy to install gates for free.

5)  Parish to identify landowners to assist DCC in replacing stiles.


Improvements to the Parish Rights of Way network

1)  Parish Council to identify on an annual basis, Public Rights of Way improvements and submit a bid for resources to Dorset CC Countryside Team in September each year.

2)  If the Parish Council can provide a financial contribution it will help prioritise work in this Parish.

3)  Keeping paths clear during the summer is best achieved by the Parish employing a contractor to undertake clearance work at the beginning and middle of the summer. DCC Countryside Team could be approach to cover the costs of works carried out.


Path signage improvements

1)  Parish Council to push for greater consistent in the approach adopted by various agencies for signing routes in and around the village.

2)  DCC basic signs will be plastic discs, if the Parish wants the higher quality oak finger posts it will help if the Parish can find a financial contribution.

3)  Sign improvements should be part of the Parish Public Rights Of Way Improvement Plan.


A safe cycling route from Burton to Bridport

1)  Undertake engineering works on the Main road to provide a dedicated cycling lane. This option would be expensive and would need to compete with other schemes being put forward to the County Council for funding under the Local Transport Plan.

2)  Negotiate the up grading of the current footpath across Freshwater and the Golf Course to serve as a multi purpose route linking the village with the old railway cycle path from West Bay to Bridport. Again expensive (cycle path can cost £50k per km) and would need to compete with other schemes for finance. A start could be made by opening discussions with Freshwater Holiday Park about improving cycling provision between the Park and the village.

3)  Undertake minor improvements to the North Hill Bridlepath to encourage greater use by cyclists. Would require improvements to gates and some surface improvements. Could be financed through the Parish Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan.



Community transport

1)  Rod from Mill Street is willing to provide information on community transport opportunities at the next  Parish Plan meeting.




Dave Dixon Aug 2005