Burton Bradstock School

Photograph 1926 (or thereabouts)

Back Row M/s Wilkey

Josie Hope

Dorothy Jones Lily Brine George Grant Colin Cammel Tom Bullock Gerald Hit
Middle   Rene Coombs Bob Hawkins Kathy Hutchins Winnie Holly Frank Collins Betty Mullins Donald Grant
Front       Fred Peach   Alec Davis    


Photograph about 1928

Back Row       Miss Simmonds or Symonds    
Middle Jackie Legg Vera Laver Evelyn Burwood Margaret Hawkins Freda White Winnie Northover Dorothy Collins  
Front Sammy Legg Mary Cammell Kitty Brine Mary Legg Edgar Norris Kenny Mullins Doris Williams Neil Campbell
(Liz Grimshaw)


Photograpgh about 1930

Burton Bradstock School Photograph

Back Row Mr R B Howarth Flo Williams Bob Mullins Rose Brian Betty Symons Jim Williams Sidney Ship  
Middle Reggie Williams Marjory Collins Bob Legg Marjory Northover Marjory Campbell Joyce Coombes Elsie Collins? Edna Porridge
Front     Arthur Williams   Bill Bullock      
(Photo and caption supplied by Marjory Campbell via her brother Neil from Austrailia where they both live now. )


Photograph 1954?

Back Row Peter Parsons Geoff Hitt Simon Cammel Peter Pattinson Brian Sibley Graham Stevens    
Middle Christine Hansford Marianne Ship Jannette Burke Sandra Downton Fred Attayeo Arthur Attayeo Robert Stormont Geoff Perrin
Front Heather Youngs Pamela Brown Brenda Peach Mary Starkey Mary Heads Christine Williams Jennifer Peach Dennise Copp


Class 2, 1971

Class2 1971

Back Row Kevin Elsworth Paul Butt Mark Lingard Peter Guest Paul Stevens Stephen Symes Karen Thorner Caroline Bryant

Hugo Gordon

Rodney Eveleigh   Kenneth Hussey Giles Eastwood    
Front Melanie ? Sarah Hyde Emma Burt Mrs Unsworth? Janet Young Caroline Oakford Helen Knell  
(photo and caption supplied by Emma Burt)

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