Childhood Memories of D-Day Preparation and Wartime (WW2) Burton Bradstock

-As Recalled by Roy Nethercott in an Interview with Susan Moores, May 2004-

"They were after the RAF people who were there testing the bouncing bombs at the time. We used to see them come along drop these big balls... soon after we heard they'd blown up german dams"

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This morning I’am interviewing Roy Nethercott in his home at Weymouth he was born in Burton Bradstock in 1931 in 1944 at the time of D-Day he was 13.

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Burton Bradstock was a very quite village until the summer of 1943 when I understand the American soldiers came to Burton and the village livened up considerably?

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Do you remember them actually practicing for d-day?

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Do you remember when the mines were cleared, I remember the engineers clearing them at freshwater, there were quite a few there. Used to watch the planes bombing Weymouth and Abbotsbury. Used to come and drop these bouncing bombs along the fleet testing all along the fleet.

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And I think you actually saw a plane crash at freshwater?

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Places mentioned in Roy's interview as they are now.

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49 Derby Lane
Grove Road
Village Green

Burton Cliff

Bolts on Cliff
American Camp


Coastal Defence