The Roll of Honour 1914-1918 in the School Hall of Burton Bradstock School (see *)


William Bartlett Private, 1st 4th Dorset Regt. Army no. 200457. Died 8.8.1916 and buried at Basra, Iraq. He was in his early twenties and lived at the Dove. *

Thomas Brett Royal Navy. One of 738 lives lost when the battleship HMS Bulwark blew up at anchor in Sheerness harbour, 1914. He lived at Mill Terrace.

Robert Buckler Royal Navy. On board cruiser HMS Monmouth when it was sunk in action during the Battle of Coronel, Falkland Islands, 1914. *

Wilfrid Cliff Royal Navy. On board cruiser NMS Good Hope when it exploded in action off Coronel, 1914. He lived in Burton; his father, who lived in Bridport, was also a casualty of the war, dying in hospital in Portsmouth in 1919 as a result of the sinking (during the war) of HMS Empress of India. *

Reginald Davis No record. *

Harold Foot *( Aldolphin Harold Foot, born 12 june 1883. In 1891  he lived in the Masons Arms
public house in Shipton Gorge. He died 11 feb 1918 age 34 and was apparantly buried in Burton Church Yard . He was a 2nd class airman in the Royal Flying Corp R.S.Depot. Service Number 121387. His father was Matthew Foot of Burton Bradstock, and his wife was Harriet Swaffield. Information supplied by family relation Sarah Lincoln 11/05)

John Gale (A.J.B. Gale) Private, 2nd battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 17665. Killed in action 25.3,1917 and buried at Basra.

William Gape Private, 4th Dorset Regt. According to book ‘Bridport in the Great War’, be was posted missing believed dead in the Kut campaign in Mesopotamia, 1916. In the records of the Dorset Regt he has army no 200047 and is listed as died 31.12.1916, buried at Basra. He also features on the Bridport war memorial, so was probably a West Bay man -West Bay at that time being counted part of Burton parish.

Conrad Hawkins Lance Corporal, 6th (Wiltshire Yeomanry) Bn. Wiltshire Regt. Brother of Edgar Hawkins of Shadrach (or Townsend) Farm. The story is that he was wounded and, while convalescing in civilian clothes at home, was handed a white feather. He was so mortified that he returned to his regiment before be was fully fit, and was killed on his return to France on 23rd. march 1918 at the age of 27. His memorial is at the Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France - Bay 7. * See also letter from Capt. Kent advising his parents of his death, their reply and letter from the War Graves Commission giving details of his memorial.

Richard Hoare 123rd Siege Battery. Killed by a shell bursting in his dug-out, France, 1917. He features on the Bridport war memorial, so was probably a West Bay man.

Frederick Hoskins Royal Navy. On board battleship HMS Goliath when it was torpedoed in the Dardanelles, 1915. Another West Bay man.

William Jacobs Believed to be an army man. *

Robert Legge (Legg on the school memorial) Believed to have been killed at the Somme, 1916. * The Commonwealth War Graves website identifies Robert Legge as being killed on 26/09/1915 rather than 1916 see http://www.cwgc.org/search/casualty_details.aspx?casualty=734043 (update from Colin Bryce - Robert Legge is his wife's great great uncle, Jan 2012)

William Marsh Royal Navy. The second village casualty of HMS Bulwark, which exploded at anchor in Sheerness harbour in 1914.

Henry Mitchell Said to have been a private in the Dorset Regt, though no record of his death is in the regimental records. This is probably because he died at his home in Darby Lane, having been invalided out of the army in 1916 after 259 days service - at the age of 47!

Alfred Oliver Royal Navy. Another West Bay man.

William Sanders Private, 1st battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 36614. Born in Shipton Gorge, he was killed in action 2.5. 1915 and is buried at the Menin Gate. *

William Sponsford. 5th battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 10564. Born in burton and killed in action 26.9.1916 (which probably means the Somne). Buried at Thiepval. *

George Stevens 5th battalion Dorset Regt. Believed killed at Gallipoli, 1915, but Dorset Regt records show an R. G. Stevens (Army no. 10226) killed in action 17.9.1916 and buried at Thiepval: so probably another Somme casualty. (see additional information from Mark Rixton)

Charles Thorner Believed Dorset Regt, and said to have been gassed in France and died a prisoner of war in Germany. No record of his death appears in Dorset Regt records. He lived in Cliff Road. *

Albert White Private, 6th battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 17478. Killed in action 24.8.1918 and buried in France. Brother of Ernest White. *

Ernest (E.J.) White Private, 6th battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 10806, listed as having been born in Burton Bradstock. Apparently brother of Albert White, though not listed on the school memorial. He was killed in action 6.8.1916 (the Somme, probably) and buried at Thiepval.

Reginald White No information available, though an R. White features on the school memorial. *

Harry Williams Private H.F.J. Williams, 2nd battalion Dorset Regt. Army no. 5719581. Killed on the North-West Frontier on 31.8. 1921 and buried at Tirurangadi, India. *

Kenneth Winterflood Apparently he lived with the Lenthall family at Manor Farm. *

Frederick Wrixton Royal Navy. Killed on board HMS. Centurion - a ship I’ve so far been unable to trace.


*Featured on Burton Bradstock School war memorial, along with the following names that do not appear on the church memorial:



The Roll of Honour 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 in St Marys Church


Peter Bishop R.A.F. A pilot flying Beaufighters, he was shot down over Italy in 1944. He lived at Shadrach Farm.

Theodore Bulmer A captain in the army. A member of the Bulmer cider family, be had some connection with the Rookery and was stationed at Burton.

Alfred (Jack) Cammell 16/5th Lancers. Killed on manoeuvres in Scotland in 1942 when his tank went over a cliff. Buried in Burton cemetery.

Lloyd Fletcher Royal Navy, on board minesweepers.

Cyril Northover .Sergeant in the Dorset Regt. he was killed in Normandy on 11 June 1944, and is buried there.

Geoffrey de Pury Royal Navy. Killed at Narvik, 1940. He lived somewhere near Whiteladies.

John Speak Believed to be Dorset Regt, but there is no record of his death in regimental records. He lived at Plenty House in Shipton Lane.

Gordon Ward Warwick Yeomanry. Killed in North Africa.

Lewis White No information available.

Frederick Williams Duke of Wellington’s Regt. Killed in Burma.

James Williams (William James Williams) Private, Dorset Regt. Army no. 5725596. Killed in Sicily 28.7. 1943 and buried at Catania War Cemetery. Brother of Frederick Williams. They both lived at 24 Annings Lane (now demolished).

Nellie Piper Civilian. Schooled in Burton, she moved to Bournemouth and was killed there by a dropped bomb.


Researched by Jon Wyatt

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