Song of Loyal Volunteers of Burton Bradstock

1. Come, my lads of courage true

Ripe for martial glory:

See the Standard waves for you

And leads the way before you.



To the field of Mars advance

Join in bold alliance

Te11 the bloodstain'd sons of France

We bid them all defiance.


2. Burton's sons were always brave

On the land or ocean

Ready for to kill or save

Where honour's the promotion.


3. Burton long has had a boast

And right well deserving:

For pretty maids a standing toast

Of natures sweet preserving.


4. Gallia's sons invasion plan,

Threat'ning to destroy us:

Seize our maidans, houses, land,

And as slaves employ us.


5. We must fight or starve or fly

Hope, nought else remaining,

or wives may faint and children die

With no hand sustaining.


6. Lives are lent for laws and King

When that they may need 'em

Let us then in chorus sing

Give us death or freedom.