Ephram Hussey

Ephram Hussey in the 1950's - he lived with his sister Mabel at Shadrach and worked at The Mere.

Douglas Northover wrote a short poem about this village character:


"He wore a blue jersey and a funny old cap

And thought that old Burton it covered the map

He worked for White Sisters above Burton Mere

Although he was addicted to 'baccy and beer.

At night in the corner of Harold's old 'Shoes'

He'd tell you a yarn which would banish your blues

Full of dry humour and salt spicy wit

Which would make you all laugh 'till your trousers did split.

With a face like a gargoyle and sun crinkled eyes

His black pipe a-puffing Eph. looked very wise

You couldn't tell when he was pulling your legs

As he drained down his pint to the very last dregs."