Burton Bradstock Cricket Team 1906

Burton Bradstock Cricket Team 1906

Back row:- ?? - W Ousley -?? -??

Centre Row:- Rev F Harrison (Rector) - Richard Churchouse - Wilfrid Harrison(23) - Lional Gordon Harrison(21) - Ælfric Milton Harrison(16or17)

Front row: - Alfred Churchouse - Cuthbert (Tuppy) Harrison(7) or Robert (Bobby) Charles Harrison(5) -??

Can you fill in the gaps for us??


Wyatt Paul and Dinah Harrison kindly sent the following information 01/06/2011 and 25/06/2011

You have a wonderful picture of the Burton Bradstock Cricket Team dated 1906 on your village website.
My mother  Bridget Cracroft  is the younger daughter of Lionel Harrison who is in that photograph. Lionel became a Parish Priest, like his father. His parish was  at Winterborne Monkton just outside Dorchester.
You have Alfred Harrison in the back row but in fact his name was  Aelfric (Ae is a dipthong). My mother tells me, he was the best cricketeer of them all and  he went on to be Captain of Dorset.
She thinks that the person padded up sitting immediately in front of her father must be Wilfrid (again note the spelling). He was the eldest son and would almost certainly  have been in the cricket team.  He later played for Dorset Rangers and lived his final years at Cheselbourne.
Cuthbert (known as "Tuppy") fought in the trenches and died in the 1920's.


Dinah Harrison kindly sent some updated information on 25/06/2011

I visited Mrs Cracroft (daughter of Lionel Harrison) last week and she showed me the photograph of Burton Bradstock Cricket Team in 1906.  I recognized my late father-in-law, Wilfrid Harrison sitting in the middle of the centre row.  I have checked the Harrison birthdates which are listed in a family Bible and also found some photos taken in the garden of Burton Bradstock Rectory in 1907, one of which shows the whole family, with the three eldest boys in the same striped blazers (their school sports blazers, I presume).  In your photo of the cricket team, Wilfrid Harrison (aged 23) is in the centre of the middle row.  Next to him is Lionel Gordon Harrison (aged 21).  Next to him (last on right, sitting in the middle row) must be Aelfric Milton Harrison (aged 16 or 17 - his 17th birthday would have been on 28th July 1906).  The little boy sitting at Wilfrid's feet is either Noel Cuthbert (Tuppy) Harrison who would have been seven years old (reaching  8 in December 1906), or the youngest, Robert (Bobby) Charles Frederick Harrison aged 5 (reaching 6 in October that year). 

Wilfrid also played for Dorset County


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