So when the man came out they came out to you from the firm and they gave you an order for what they wanted, what sort of typical order did it used to be,

Well they used to bring it an and say there you are this is what I want I want this by so and so and err more or less get on with it

And a typical order would be, so they gave you a tally which was effectively an order

They told you all what you had to do and what laces to use and you had to get on and do it

And how did they specify what they wanted

They came the next week and expected it to be done and there you are, paid out the money and left you something else

How much money did you get?

Well like I say six shillings a dozen, if you do two dozen you get about twelve shillings

Not a lot of money for the work

Well I mean it’s not a lot of money today but we had to mange on it then

So a typical order might be what, twelve nets of a certain size, something like that and you’d get a week or so to do it in.