I got my sisters and well my brother was in the army, so there were three sisters that I had to bring up and I had to do something to earn some money so that’s how I got into this

Rite and how did it work with the firms in Bridprot

Well it worked the best way I could because I had work to do; I mean the cleaning cooking and everything.

You had to fit this in between times

Take the kids to school and all that, ‘course my youngest sister was just gone five when my mother died, so another one was twelve and another was just about to leave school

Quite a handful

So that’s how we managed

So when the man came out they came out to you from the firm and they gave you an order for what they wanted, what sort of typical order might it be

Well they used to bring it in and put it on the tally

So they gave you a tally, which was effectively an order

Tell you all what you had to do like I said, what laces to use and everything and you had to get along and do it

And how did they specify what they wanted

They came the next week and expected it to be done, paid out the money and left you something else

How much money did you get

Well like I say about six shillings a dozen, if you do two dozen you get about twelve shillings

Not an awful amount of money for that work

Well not a lot of money today but we had to manage on it then.