Where did your father start work then?

Well when he was a young man, err, I suppose when he left school he started out at the bakery

At the bakery, where was that

And then he used to do the rounds work, a roadsman he was, and like I say he was there he married my mother my mother was working at the rookery. And they married and used to live here with his mother because this house used to have two rooms down here

Oh rite

They were put into one. Of course then she had my brother and of course my father was called off to go to war. She was expecting me and she went home, left here and went to a place called Tinkelton. And that’s where I was born


But then my father came back from the war and we came out here again. His mother died then and of course we took over the house. And then we all grew up here together

So when he got back from the war he had to find a job?

Well he came back to the bakery

He went back to the bakery?

He went back to baking you see. But like I said they wouldn’t give him more money his family was growing so he though he would seek else where so he went to Bournemouth intending to find somewhere for all us to live, but it didn’t come off, so we stayed her with mother. Of course I went out to work; I was in-service for Mrs. Pitrivers up in the coastguard station, parlor maid. My mother was taken ill and of course I had to come home I was the eldest and came home to look after everything and then she died. Then of course my father came home and said well one will go with one and one will go with someone else. I said well that snot coming off because when we meet again we will be all strangers. So I said if you send me some money like you did mother to keep the home going we’ll carry on, so that’s what happened. Sometimes I had the money sometimes we didn’t. so that when I had to start braiding to do something

Of course they grew up left home, I married, had two sons of my own and that’s it.