The Way Back

The following film, kindly lent by the Imperial War Museum, London, shows an American war time exercise that took place on Burton Cliffs. The film shows soldiers landing on the beach from LCT's , firing rockets up the cliff attached to rope ladders. the soldiers then climb the cliff and follow up with a large extenssion ladder that allows more soldiers to climb the cliff faster.

The background is clearly Burton Bradstock including glimpses of what is now the Burton Cliff Hotel at the end of the film.

Two versions of the film, (that lasts for 8.5 minutes) can be seen but will of course take sometime to load.

Lo definition 2.8Mb

Higher definition 5.5Mb

Two pictures by kind permission of Robert Guégan

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Wartime cliff exercise 1 Wartime cliff exercise 2

The following stills are taken from the film.

Approaching the Beach

Through the Waves

Leaving the LCT

The base of the Cliff

Start of the climb

By clicking on these thumbnails larger versions can be seen.

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