A number of other US troop photos published with kind permission of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society.

GI given eggs by villager

Pfc John Lawson of New York, has been taking lessons in net braiding from Mrs. Annie Northover.

Before he leaves for his camp, she disappears into her cottage and returns with eggs for her pupil.

Eggs were rationed in Britain in the war, but Mrs. Northover kept hens.

Her own son was serving abroad at the time.

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On sunny days, the village women sat at their doors and braided nets. It was an old established local industry.

Before the war, they made fishing nets, billiard table pockets and sports nets.

During the war they made camouflage nets for the services. Pfc John Lawson, Pfc Robert Hastings,

T/5 Leo H Pearson and Cpl Roland Henry stay to talk with, and watch, Mrs. Annie Northover.

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Pfc Robert Hastings, T/5 Leo Pearson and Cpl Roland Henry stay to talk with, and watch Mrs. Annie Northover.

Using a wooden needle, she makes the net grow at great speed. The coloured sun-bonnet was the popular headwear.

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