Short film & sound clips from interviews given by Janet Guppy of her memories of Burton Bradstock in World War II

A film clip from a BBC interview (also featuring Barry Knell) showing some war time footage.(2'27")
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Left to right:  Nobby Brough, Brown, Rabowitz, Nobby Clark and Cpl. Devereux (Essex Regiment) setting up barbed wire on the golf course.

Sound interview by David Powell/Jim Reeves - Sound editing by Humphrey Walwyn.

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Early days of the World War II - The Durham Light Infantry and the Essex Regiments (3'.30")
Guns & searchlights - Burton Bradstock at war (3'.46")
1940 invasion scare & the wartime fire service (2'.26")
1942 to 1944 - the Americans in Burton Bradstock up to D-Day (3'.15")

(Note: The Burton Bradstock Web Site Committee holds the original/full masters of the audio interview)

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