GIs on pill box

Seaside serenade: with this evocative photograph of a pillbox below Burton Cliff having its story told in the contemorary caption from April 1944.

"In 1940 the village beach was guarded against invasion, first by Local Defence Volunteers, then by Home Guards. Today, with the tables turned, U.S. troops can spend their leisure hours on it. Sitting on a concrete blockhouse, behind which Britain's amateur ill-armed soldiers were prepared to sell their lives dearly, Corporal Bert Markowitz, 30-46, 23rd Street, Astoria, Borrugh of Queen's N.Y.C., plays his violin. Markowitz, a student at the University of Miami, played with the N.B.C. as studio musician. Listening to him is T/5 G.R. Miller, 4106 Vermont Ave. Louisville, Kentucky."