Wartime Contributions from Bridport Museum

We would like to thank Bridport Museum for providing these photos from their archives.

RAF aerial photo of Burton Bradstock June 1942

R.A.F. reconnaissance photo of Burton Bradstock and Freshwater Bay taken on 7th. June, 1942

Photographs of US troops in Burton Bradstock

The following text prefaced these propaganda pictures taken during the war:




In a thousand English villages, US troops are discovering that the Britisher is not as stand-offish as he is said to be. Taking over British built camps, Americans find that they are also taking over British built friendships. In some areas, where the camps are not large enough, troops are billeted with British families. Housewives whose own sons went off to the war nearly five years ago realise what American mothers feel about their guests, often write to them to tell them how their sons are getting on, form friendships that will last beyond the war. In a small village in a coastal area, US troops never find a door shut. Villagers entertain them, are proud to make them acquainted with the local customs, take them fishing, rabbiting, keep the village canteen open at all hours. Best ambassadors are the children. They swarm over the camp, help to tank up jeeps, learn to play baseball, run errands. The US Army has made a conquest of the village, and the free and easy friendliness of the village, in its turn, made a conquest of the US Army."

Cows passing Jeep getting filled up at garage



US army playing baseball

US GI's pitching horseshoes in a quiet moment

US GI and farmer 'rabbiting'

Local farmer and GI out shooting rabbits

US GI's and girl outside the Anchor Hotel

GI's talking to little girl outside the Anchor Hotel

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