Mill Street C. 1900

This street is little changed from 1900 when this photo was taken. The word 'Mill' refers to the extensive spinning and weaving mill behind the buildings of Shadrach Dairy Farm on the right. The mill manager's house is at the far end of the street beyond the corrugated iron roof.


The Mill

Mill Street Carved high on the gable of a cottage in Mill Terrace are the initials "R.R.", and the date 1800. The Mill Terrace cottages were not always dwellings : once, this long building was the warehouse for the important spinning mill founded by that Richard Roberts whose initials still stand on Number One's gable. The mill itself, disused now save as a store, lies nearby, and it is difficult to imagine that it once hummed with life, that fifty women and men worked here, and that a tall mill chimney roof towered over the church.