Manor Farm garden

Manor Farm

“—when Andrew worked for Bunny at the Manor Farm he didn’t quite understand the Darset lingo. One day Bunny said to’n, ‘Andrew, do ‘ee put thik scythe in the tallat.’ ‘E met Andrew an hour later, wandering round the farm looking mazed as a brush, still carr’ing the scythe. Bunny shouted at ‘n, Yurr, I thought I told ‘ee to put thik scythe in the tallat!’ Poor Andrew did say, ‘Well, I be sorry, Farmer, but I’ve a-looked everywhere for a toilet, and I cain’t find any such thing.’ ‘Corbooger,’

Bunny swore, ‘I zaid tallat, not toilet!’ Lor, poor wold Andrew, ‘e didden know a tallat were a loft, zee.”