The Anchor Band (mid 1920,s)

This photograph was taken outside the ‘Cow Barker’ (Barton) at the bottom of Cliff Lane. It was demolished

shortly afterwards and Cheney’s garage built on the site. On high days and holidays it was the wont of the clientele

of The Anchor Inn, suitably refreshed, to dress up and parade around the village to the delight of the children and

the dismay of their long suffering wives.

Front Row. Tinker Bartlett is the gentleman with the good conduct stripes on his right arm, a member of the volunteer

forces for many years.

Back Row. Also in the photo are: second from the left at the back, wearing the boater and playing some sort of

stringed instrument, Stewart Jacobs whose family lived in Minnie’s Cottage at that time. Lewis Brown is third on the right.

Fourth from the left, back row, wearing a sun-bonnet, ‘Uncle’ Will Ward who lived in Duck Cottage.

Henry Pitman, second right with toy trumpet, worked on the Butcher’s small holding and lived in at the Old Butchery.

Jack Cammell is the one with the small drum.