Destructive fire - Twenty two houses consumed.

On Tuesday evening, the village of Burton Bradstock, near Bridport, was visited by a fire that caused the destruction of 22 houses, besides other buildings and much property. The fire commenced at the Anchor Inn, and when discovered, the flames were in full possession of a range of stabling at the back of the house, which subsequently ignited also and became a wreck. It was then between 10 and 11 o’clock; most of the inhabitants were exerting themselves to check the fire; but the village, being unprovided with an engine, their efforts were little service; the consequence was, the flames extended to a row of houses two stories high, and by one o’clock, upwards of 12 of them were in a blaze. On the news reaching Bridport the engines were instantly set off, and they reached the village in about an hour and a half. By that time 22 houses had fallen a sacrifice, and the flames were progressing rapidly. It was nearly four o’clock before they were subdued. The number of families burnt out is 28, and none of them insured. The buildings are the property of Lord Rivers.”



FIFTY HOUSES CONSUMED BY FIRE. Another calamitous fire resulting in the entire destruction of fifty houses and involving a great loss of other property, has occurred at Burton Bradstock, near Bridport, Dorset. The fire commenced early on Friday morning week, at the homestead in the occupation of Mr James Brown, a farmer, and is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. Within an hour from 30 to 40 houses were in flames, and the fire was not subdued till nearly the entire village was consumed. The poor inhabitents are now encamped in the neighbourhood, and are reduced to the greatest distress, but no lives were lost. A subscription has been opened for the sufferers by the surrounding gentry.”


Coincidentally, both fires were on 13th. July!