C. 1930 Looking up Rookery Lane


Farewell to thee, wole hellum tree

Dutch Helm ‘ave lied thee low!

You baint there vor we to zee,

We, wot zeed thee grow!

There be the geatt for years thee stood

When Granf. was still alive,

Adder mowing all day ‘em ‘ood

‘ang in thee ‘is scythe.

No more ‘nishulls on thy bark

Nar eartses twined around,

Shant kiss the maids in shady lark

Zit cool upon the ground.

Shant rest no more in thy wole shade

Ner yer the hinsecks ‘um

Shant zee the ‘ay in long ranks laid

Ner zee the helvers cum.

Shant zee nar screech howl zit up there

To while the daylight hours

‘A’vixin’ we wie stony stare

Vrom in thy leafy bowers.

Farewell again wole vrend to thee,

Thee’t gone like yolks we knowed

A bit o’ Burton istery

Er legend to be told.

Poem by Douglas Northover who lived In Rose Cottage