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Philip Howse and
Kirby Wolfe

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Lepidopterist, , inventor and author, Professor Philip Howse came to live in Burton Bradstock some years ago afar having visited Dorset, the home of 48 of the 54 resident species of butterfly in the UK. He is an ally and supporter of Clive Farrell, founder of the Butterfly World Project in Hertfordshire that will eventually house up to 10,000 tropical butterflies and hummingbirds

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Philip’s inspiration for his beautifully-illustrated and thought- provoking books came during his daily journeys to Southampton University when the colourful billboards he passed at the time set him thinking about whether or not other living things beside humans could be fooled into seeing something that wasn’t there.

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Now settled in West Dorset, John Ivall has had time to reflect on his adventurous life. In between his many activities and spending months of each year in Canada he settled down to write this philosophical autobiography which is a spiritual journey that had led him on a path towards wisdom and understanding. He has also written a book detailing the winter walks he had led from Burton Bradstock during the winter months of the past twelve years.

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John takes us vividly through his early adventures and travels during the 1950s in the British Mercantile Marine and the British South African Police. A broken romance in Sothern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, brings him back to Britain and two years in the Royal marine Commandos from which he is discharged as disabled following a terrorist attack in Cyprus. And there is plenty more . . .


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Inspired by her love of place and atmosphere, Sheila Spencer-Smith ’s setting for the story is a fictionalised version of a village in the north of her native county whose memory has remained with her through the years. Now living in Burton Bradstock, she has written many books for the large print market.

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The encircling downs lend an appealing charm to the village of Mellstone in rural Dorset but all is not as it seems. A violent gale thirty
years earlier caused a rotten branch to fall from the ancient Tidings Tree and injure nine-year old Jenny who was playing truant from
school. When the decision was taken to fell the tree the resulting anger against Jenny and her mother forced them to move elsewhere.
Now, newly qualified in the combined arts of ceramics and floristry, Jenny decides to return to Mellstone to prove something to herself.




Charles Fuge has illustrated several popular picture books including Gilbert the Great, Gilbert in Deep and Trumpet for Simon and Schuster. He has also written and illustrated The Terrible Greedy Fossifoo. His first ever picture book won the Macmillan Prize and the Mother Goose Award.

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Jason Goodwin studied Byzantine history at Cambridge University. Fifteen years ago he made a six-month pilgrimage across Eastern Europe to Istanbul, a journey recounted in On Foot to the Golden Horn, which won the John Llewellyn Rhys/Mail on Sunday Prize in 1993. Intrigued by the enduring influence of the Ottoman Turks on Eastern Europe, Jason went on to research and write Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire. His first Yashim novel, The Janissary Tree, became an international bestseller when it was published in 2006 and won the Edgar Allen Poe Best Novel Award in 2007. The Yashim mysteries, which include The Snake Stone and The Bellini Card, have been translated into more than 40 languages.

He is married to Kate, his companion on the walk to Istanbul. They live in Burton Bradstock with their four children.

More to follow ....

  Sheila Spencer-Smith Nov 2011