EXIT SMILING Turn Towards Me - Album Launch Concert -  7.30. 15th May 

BridportTown Hall, Dorset

The CD - Turn Towards Me will be launched during a performance on 15 May at Bridport's beautiful and historic Town Hall. This building lies at the heart of Bridport's performance area with Bucky Doo square and the Arts Centre close by.

The songs have three different origins but there is a common thread that joins them together: Poet, Douglas Northover, spent much of his life in Dorset’s Bride Valley and, through his poetry, brought his love of the place and people to life. After his death, a copy of his poems was presented to David Powell, then Headteacher of Burton Bradstock School in the valley. He put some to music in the mid 1990s and was drawn to revisiting them by Rosi Brewster’s beautiful cello playing. Rosi and her friend, Emma Batchelor, a young singer, had both been pupils at Thorner’s School in Litton Cheney, also in the valley. A concert was arranged at Bridehead, the source of the River Bride, in 2008 and guitarist, Simon Douglas, a fellow member of the Bride Valley Band that David and Rosi play in, was invited to join the group. Inspired by the performance and drawing on their personal journeys and experiences, David and Simon have written the rest of the songs on the album.

Extended samples of 4 of the songs can be heard via the player on the bands website.


The full album will be on sale at the launch on 15 May and copies will also be available for purchase online via this website after that date.

Tickets for the concert are available in advance at £8 from the Bridport Museum or the Bridport Record Centre or on the door on the night for £10