The Burton Bradstock Online Photographic competition  2008

The Burton Bradstock Online Photographic competition  for 2008 closed on 16th September with 220 adult entries and 27 in the junior section. The judges panel of Mary Bailey, David Barnikel and Mike Southgate filtered out the ineligible entries (from committee members, wrong subject matter, etc., ) leaving 172 adult and 16 junior entries to be judged.

In the senior competition, each of the judges compiled their own  shortlist of ten pictures and these were combined with overlaps to form the final shortlist of 21 entries for panel selection of the prize-winners. The names of those who submitted photos in this final shortlist are:
                Jane Croft
                Gordon Gleave
                Jan Hinton
                Pat Hinton
                Philip Howse
                Mike Kempsey
                Simon Kirby
                Paul Loebig
                Carol Lumley
                Dennis Lumley
                Patricia Neale
                Dianne Sinclair
                Eonne Sinclair

See senior shortlist photogallery

The panel reviewed the entries in the junior section and decided that because of the low number  and subject matter presented that the prizes should be limited to one of £25 selected from a shortlist of 3 pictures. The entrants on this shortlist are:
                Thomas Bird
                Millie Reeve
                Aaron Sinclair

See junoir shortlist photogallery

The prizes will be announced and presented at 1100am Saturday 6th December in the Village Hall during a Village Hall Trust Coffee morning. All entrants on the two shortlists are invited to be there and will not be required to pay the usual entrance fee.   

See adult winners

see junior winners


Photogallery of all entries

Competition details