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£150 to be won!

We need your photos! Don't be shy!


Burton Bradstock ONLINE's digital photo competition is open to everyone anywhere in the world, not just villagers. Let's see what talent there is out there!?


•  Photos can be on any subject/topic - so they don't have to be of the beach or the sea - they can be on anything at all, provided they evoke a sense of Burton Bradstock

•  Two prizes: £100 for adults' entries and £50 for under 16s's winner

(or goods to the same value).

•  10 photos per person maximum

•  Deadline for applications - 30 th September, 2006

•  Recent digital photos only (taken after 01 Jan 2005) - must be e-mailed to Burton Bradstock ONLINE ( photocompetition@burtonbradstockonline.org )

•  A selection of pictures is on our PHOTO GALLERY and will be added to as the competition progresses.

•  Full competition rules


We hope you will join in - it should be fun.

Come on - have a go!